True Blues – Decorating with blue fabrics, wallpaper, etc

Did you know that the colour Blue is thought to bring tranquility indoors?  It is also said that, used in soothing collections of aqua hues, it evokes memories of the sea, calming waters and ocean tides which are often the base for creating restful spaces… I can’t help but wonder if this is the reason why we often use all shades of blue to decorate boys bedrooms… blue curtains, blinds, cushions, etc.

I have two boys of my own and God knows I’d do anything to bring a little calm and tranquility back into my home!

Blue is this Pantone’s colour of the month, here’s a few images I love showing the result of decorating with blue!

     decorating with bluedecorating with blue, fabrics, cushions, curtains

Now I know what you are thinking… “what lovely colours! Where can I get that?”

Very simple, check out and find your nearest stockist!  And once you have found your perfect shade of blue come back here and tell us!

Paula, x


Pantone Blue


What are my curtain heading options?

In my previous post we covered the Pinch Pleat, Pencil Pleat and Goblet Headings but what else is there? Think you know your curtain heading options? Have a look at this…

Tab Top Curtains:

Tab Top, curtain heading

You might recognise Tab Top Curtains – these are commonly found in many shops across the globe but whilst they look ok, I can’t say they are the easiest of curtains to open and close on a daily basis. That said, they can be very useful as dress curtains when paired up with a more practical and functional blind.

This style is both easily available as ‘ready-mades’ as well as very affordable, making it a popular choice for rental homes (can be inexpensive to replace).

Eyelet Curtains

eyelet, curtain headingThese have been used in more contemporary settings for a good while now and look best, in my opinion, as full length curtains.  Their unfussy look, combined with the tendency to stand elegantly straight makes this style a popular choice with not only for modern settings but also for more masculine schemes.  As with Tab Tops, these curtains can look really good when paired with roman blinds, roller blinds and even shutters.

I have made some fantastic looking eyelet curtains for the bi-folding doors of a modern kitchen using sheer fabric. The result was stunning but I was unable to take photos that day so I’m showing you a photo from instead.  In my view, these too look amazing! I like it so much I’d make it for myself!

Wave Curtains:

Ok I admit, I am a huge fan of this look!  It’s simple, stylish, easy to make, easy to care for and almost crease resistant!  It looks great in any room, colour, shape and size.

The only think to consider carefully before ordering your wave curtains, is what curtain pole or track you will need!  The mechanism that turns the fabric into ‘ripples’ or ‘waves’ sits inside the track/pole and has to be done correctly by the manufacturer.  Not all tracks & poles accomodate this mechanism either, be sure to discuss the options before making your final decision.

As with any bespoke product, this product can’t be bought off the shelves so allow a little extra time for delivery!  But worry not!  Good things come to those who wait and this is a product you won’t regret waiting for!

Surely we have covered every curtain heading possible, right?  Eeer, no!  In Part 3 I’ll tell you all about some other, less used but equally exquisite curtain styles!

Thank you for reading,