5 Interior Design Ideas for a Clutter-Free Home

Five Interior Design Ideas for a Clutter-Free Home

With so many of us living in smaller spaces (flats, newly built houses, etc) keeping our homes neat and tidy seems almost impossible, but with these 5 interior design ideas for a clutter free home we can all make the most of the available space as well as keep our houses a little more organised.  Here’s how we can do it.

1) Hide Away pieces: interior designer, kingston Upon thames, clever ideas for the homefurniture that conceals large items or have dual purpose are great always a great buy for small homes.  We all love our flat screens TV but do we really need to see it when it isn’t in use? By placing it behind a sliding screen allows you to be more versatile with the room. The same applies to hidden bureaus, guest beds, sofa beds, etc.

We are all guilty of buying furniture because we love the look of it, but next time you buy new furniture consider all the different purposes it might serve. You’d be pleasantly surprised with how you can transform your room just by buying clever items.

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Upcycled Furniture by Petit Miracle Interiors

2) Don’t use it, lose it: January is the perfect time to be ruthless with your beloved furniture, ornaments, pictures, paintings, etc.  As you put away the Christmas decoration, have a long hard look and think… “if I was shopping today, would I really buy this? Do I need it? When did I last use it?” If the answer is “No” then perhaps is time to take it to a new home and donate it to charity. Charitable organisations such as Princess Alice Hospice and Petit Miracle Interiors will be delighted with your donation.

Not sure to part with it? Move it into storage for a few months and see how much you really miss it.

3) Layer your furniture:peekaboo-clear-nesting-tables-set-of-three when we talk about layering furniture, it’s easy to think about the bedroom isn’t it? The sheets, the duvet, the bedspread. A similar philosophy can be applied to the rest of the house too.

Take the living room for example, instead of using a coffee table, how about using nesting tables?Clear nesting table sets offer a great, contemporary look.

If you are set on having a coffee table, be sure to pick one with a self and preferably a glass top to avoid the ‘over furnished’ look in the living room.  Trunk that are used as coffee table are also good buys as the can double up as storage. A final tip of layering furniture is to use the space in front of cabinets you hardly open!

Beautiful-use-of-ladder-shelves-to-create-contrast-in-the-room4) Think vertically: you may be short of floor space, but how about wall space? Consider using the space above eye level where possible, this is particular handy if you are lucky to live in a house with high ceilings. There are great shelf solutions in the market at the moment, I particularly love the modern, contemporary look of high gloss modular shelves.

Another great tip is to use ladder shelves.  It allows you to display pretty much anything from photos, books, vases, etc.  Combine it with a couple of wicker baskets and you can install a ladder shelf in pretty much any room you like.

5) curtains blinds interior designUsing colour:  nothing makes a room feel instantly small and cluttered like the wrong colour scheme. Whilst I am a great advocate for a splash of colour I cannot emphasise enough how this is best done by keeping the wall colours muted, simple, plain even minimalist. A room with more than 3 colours is instantly made busy, even small before the furniture is in place!  If you like an accent wall (I do too) keep it to one wall only!  Whatever colour you choose your room will work better with an off white with a hint (and I mean a hint only!) of your chosen colour to balance it out and to give your accent wall a chance to shine

By keeping the colours muted and understated, it will be much easier to give the room a fresh look later on with new accessories, cushions, etc without having to spend too much money or time repainting everything.

Well, I hope that by following these 5 Interior Design Ideas for a Clutter-Free home we can all live in a more organised, spacious home even if we don’t have much space at all!

Paula, x

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