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Not sure about you but I have fallen in love with Scandi Style interiors.  Especially when it has that all too gorgeous mid-century touch. As we experience a Fifties Revival (seen the furniture at John Lewis lately?) it seems that we can’t get enough of the Northern European Chic.

scandinavian design, scandi styleWhy is Scandi Style so appealing? I hear you ask. In my humble opinion, it’s the fact that Scandinavian Designs are meant to be functional, practical and yet beautiful with gorgeous clean lined shapes. Many Scandi products feel very ‘nature inspired’ as they combine great design with the use of natural materials like sheepskin, wool, leather, felt and of course wood!

I am a fan of Orla Kiely prints too, of course. But Nordic prints take that style a step further and make it look fresh, modern and up to date.

If, like me, you are a fan of this style too, here are a few key points to remember:

Textiles: use abstract prints, natural linens and nature graphics.

Ceramics: look for modern, symmetrical shapes, fluid lines.

Lighting: I like their sculptured, futuristic pieces that make a real statement. Cloudberry Living, Design Home Stockholm and Rume have great selections!

scandinavian design, scandi style
Blinds by

Wooden Flooring: blond, white flooring with a grain and perhaps a high sheen fits the bill perfectly. I have Kahrs flooring, they also do beech, birch, ash and pine.

Furniture: look out for ergonomic and functional pieces with clean lines – especially if they were inspired by iconic designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Hans J Wegner and Alvar Aalto.

Colour: keep to a cool palette with chalky finishes. Greys, steely blues and cool-toned whites go well as a base colour. Accent and interest can be created using splashes of bright retro colour in accessories and fabric.

How about the budget?  To make it easier on the all too precious purse, you can mix your own ‘old and new’ furniture and you are already half way there!

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Decorating Dilemma – Decorate on a Budget

Dilemma: I rent a house and need to decorate on a budget, but I still want to make sure it reflect my personality. How do I do that?

Solution: rental properties are often left pretty ‘magnolia’ as it needs to appeal to potential buyers. If you have recently rented yours and your landlord wants to keep it plain I suggest you add your personal touch and splashes of colour with soft furnishings. Cushions, throws, curtains and blinds can transform the room and make it your own heaven.

Decorate on a budget

Ready-made soft furnishings are available in many shapes, sizes, colours and are often inexpensive you are bound to find something that echos both your personality and your purse! High Street Stores such as Dunelm Mill and Ikea should stock all you need.

If you find something that is better quality but outside your price range remember that these items will all be taken away with you when and if you move into a place of your own.

Vases, picture frames and rugs are also great ways to add personality to an otherwise clinical look.

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How to Dress Bay Windows – Part 1

At first glance Bay Windows are a tricky space to dress. The angles can be challenging to work with, not all poles can be bent, the radiator might be in the way of curtains, etc. The list of obstacles is rather long. However, there are a number of very practical, functional and stylish solutions to choose from.

Roman or indeed Roller Blinds present a contemporary and simple solution for bay windows while curtains can add extra privacy and warmth in the cooler months. Combining Curtains and Blinds not only adds the decorative finishing touch but it also frames the window and adds a rather smart finish.

How to dress bay windows
Byron and Byron Deluxe

If impact and drama is what you are after try bringing together a larger pattern with a more tamed tone-in-tone colour.  The curtains can either be left ‘standing’ or can be arranged hang arranged on holdbacks for a more dressed look.

Still confused on how to dress bay windows? Our Part 2 is coming up next, read on!

Coming up in Part 2: Roman Blinds and a Made-to-Measure sitting area for Bay Windows if you can’t wait to find out more check out

The Practicality of Lined and Interlined Curtains

It is a well known fact that Lined and Interlined Curtains and, indeed, most Soft Furnishings can appear more substantial, more luxurious and altogether more stylish.

Lining will protect the main fabric and improve the drape of curtains. The first defense against sunlight, fading and dirt is a good quality, smooth, sateen-woven lining. On sunny windows, for example, is worth getting sun-resistant lining. Although this won’t stop the fading process it will considerably delay the sun damage.

made to measure curtains
Lined and Interlined Full Length Curtains

If you are a perfectionist like me and don’t like to see creased fabric, look into crease-resistant linings. It’s gorgeous and it will save you lots of time if you are making the curtains yourself!

Interlining your curtains & blinds will make them hang beautifully and give it that extra special look. Interlining is a blanket-type fabric which is sandwiched between the lining and the main fabric.

Curtains can be lined with medium or heavyweight interlinings depending on how thick you want the curtains to look. Traditional interlinings are cotton but synthetic ones are also available (they don’t shed fluff). Whichever one you choose, always buy a pre-shrunk one.

When your Curtains & Blinds are in need of a little cleaning, remember that lined and interlined window treatments are best steam cleaned in situ as they hang. There are a number of reputable companies providing this service, it may cost a little more but you can be sure mistakes won’t occur in the cleaning process.

As the cold months approach, it is important to draw your curtains at night time

. This will prevent heat loss and if you have lined and interlined soft furnishings it might save you a few pennies on the heating bill too!

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The Spotlight on Metal Curtain Poles

When it comes to choosing the right curtain pole, the choice can be so over whelming we often don’t know where to begin! If you feel the same consider these:

 Metal Poles:   these continue to be the most popular options for those looking for a contemporary look.  Be it polished chrome, brushed chrome or black nickel, metal curtain poles have never been more popular.  They are durable, stylish, modern and a perfect complement to eyelet curtains.  For those seeking something truly special it is even possible to have your curtain pole wrapped up in your own choice of wallpaper for that unique, seamless look.

metal, curtain poles
Integra Poles

Having navigated through the sea of pole styles, diameters and lengths it’s time to choose your finials.  There is an array of beautiful finials on the market ranging from the most minimalistic Endcaps to the colour coordinated glass designs. We love Walcot House Coloured Glass Finials. Whilst the Swish Mix & Match Collection offers a more affordable choice including colour, leather, wood and glass.

curtain poles

Although thinking of brackets is rather less exciting, it needs to be done.  It’s important to choose brackets that will  match the style of your pole and fabric of your choice.  However, the brackets need to be substantial enough to ensure they adequately support the weight of your curtains.

Since bracket projections can vary be sure of your measurements too! Small brackets work fine with pencil pleat curtains but may not be deep enough for eyelets.

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Five Great Reasons to Choose Roman Blinds

1. Price: Buying bespoke, high quality Roman Blinds should cost much less than a high quality pair of curtains. With Roman Blinds there is no need for curtain poles and it uses much less fabric thus keeping the overall cost down.

2. Easy to install: Measuring for Roman blinds is much simpler than measuring up for curtains (no stack back, overlap or overhung to consider). The process of hanging Roman blinds is also easier than it seems. There are even tutorials online! Whether using a traditional fabric covered baton or an aluminum head rail hanging a Roman Blind is very straight forward and due to its size Roman Blinds are also easier to handle.

Riverview             Beaded Roman Blind

3. Selection: Roman Blinds can be made in a wide range of colours, materials and styles. Every combination gives a different vibe to your room. The correct lining is also paramount as it will affect the overall colour of your fabric and the amount of light in the room. There is plenty of lining and interlining to choose from like blackout, fade resistant lining, and coloured lining.

4. Maintenance: Roman blinds can be cleaned using the soft furnishing attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Moreover, they fold up neatly and can be pulled out of reach of children and pets, meaning they’re less likely to be broken.

5. Style: Roman Blinds offer a neat, stylist and understated alternative to curtains working well in both traditional as well as a more modern setting. In a more traditional setting it can be coupled with a coordinating pelmet or traditional full length curtains as below.

Channel 4  Curtains and Upholstered Pelmetjpg  FL Silk curtains with upholstered pelmet and voile blinds (2)

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