Loft Conversion Part 4 – Interpreting the architect’s drawings

Loft Conversion: Know what you are looking at!

In my last post we talked about whether or not a space is suitable for a loft conversion, the pros & cons of hiring a Loft Specialist company versus appointing a builder and project managing on your own. In this article, I wanted to point out the almost obvious things we should look out for when assessing architect’s drawings.

It sounds almost silly but do take your time to check your drawings carefully! If you are unsure what to consider, here’s a checklist for you:

loft specialist,
By Landmark Lofts

Layout: Does it give you exactly what you want? Does it give you room to comfortably move around? If your loft is to be come a playroom think about the space for kids to play! If it’s an office, does it have enough space for storage? Your layout needs to work for you and make the best possible use of your space.

Proportions: think about how the space works in relation to the rest of the house.  Furniture will play a big part in this room, plan it according to the proportions you have.  There are plenty of companies around making space saving furniture, these can be great buys as it will allow you to use every inch of your space, though they can come at a price!

velux windows
Velux Cabrio

Light: have you got enough windows to fill the space with natural light? There’s nothing less inviting than a low ceiling, dark loft room! On the other hand, the size of the windows might dictate how much wall space you have, choose wisely and make sure they are positioned well and that their size will give you adequate natural light. Juliet Balconies have long been a popular choice for loft rooms but they have a tendency to occupy a fair amount of wall space.  Velux’s Cabrio Windows make excellent use of loft walls by allowing you to have both the balcony and the space.  Some say it’s well worth the extra pennies, I might agree!

Staircase:  is it positioned in the best possible place? Does it work with the new space as well as the existing one? Does it block the natural light in the landing? Does it suit everyone? I.e. kids, adults, elderly? Remember, your conversion is more than an improvement, it’s an investment and one day someone else will look to buy it and you won’t want to miss that sale will you? Nor will you want to compromise on the selling price.

loft specialist
By Landmark Lofts

Storage: this is paramount! Have you got enough storage? Eaves are often overlooked but can provide excellent storage.  Discuss this with your architect and remember one can never have enough storage space!

Finally, after considering all of the above if you  still have questions, ASK THEM! No question is too silly when it comes to your loft conversion.  You shouldn’t agree to the drawings until you are 100% happy it is the best layout for your space.

Next week we’ll be talking about how to make sure your project adds value to your home, stay tuned! Meanwhile, if you want to get in touch just email me on

Thanks for reading!


Paula, x

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