Guest bedroom with a hidden ensuite bathroom, what a great idea!

Designing a hidden ensuite bathroom

When I was asked to design a cosy, inviting, practical guest bedroom with a hidden ensuite I was thrilled with the challenge. It had to be comfortable, clean and spacious, of course, but space was somewhat a little tight. It was clear to me that the entrance to the ensuite would be crucial to the design.

It didn’t take me long to come up with a layout that included a bespoke wardrobe that would conceal a sliding door to the ensuite. The Décor was to be kept light and airy to promote clean, easy living.

The inspiration for this project cames from simple, uncomplicated hygge with a hint of Scandinavian living.

With the builder on board, the design signed off  we started to gutter the room, divide the space with sliding doors and create a seamless entry to a ‘hidden ensuite’ bathroom.

We needed to make sure the client’s budget was well spent and here is how we planned her refurbishment:

Space Planning:

Where space is limited, it pays to be clever when picking sanitary ware. There are great ranges specialising in slimmer furniture, corner toilets, shower baths, cloakroom size sink, etc. If you pick it carefully and combine it well it can help you make the most of your space.

White is a good choice for a cozy, space challenging ensuite and we need that a blend of light grey and white would be the right choice for this project… with a splash of colour where possible, of course.

Savvy Spends:

With certain things there is no compromising, for example a good shower! This doesn’t mean it has to be expensive and water hungry, I can assure you there is plenty of choice in the market and researching is the key to picking your best of the rest.

Chat to a competent, experienced plumber, they have more experience than any showroom staff and are the perfect person to give you impartial advice. Make sure you check the water pressure too.

In our case, the water pressure isn’t the best so we opted for an electric shower with water booster technology to guarantee it delivers enough pressure and water at any time.

bathroom accessories

Keep it light:

There are two ways to deal with small spaces, either you add a dark, dramatic colour or you keep it light and airy. Julia chose the latter so we opted for off-white on the walls, white sanitary ware, off-white shower panels (great for keeping the shower walls clean and the area leak free) and plenty of LED lighting (cool lighting might be your best friend here).

For that extra touch of luxury, we shall add fluffy Egyptian towels, a few carefully selected accessories and a bathroom with a demister pad.

Oh, let’s not forget that no bathroom is ready to be used until we have added a few lovely smelly items such as diffusers, candles and air sprays.

I must confess, I am a huge fan of Jo Malone fragrances and would have nothing else in my bathroom. What luxurious item would you not go without in your ensuite?

As for this particular guest bedroom and ensuite refurb, we’ll be done soon and will publish the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos for you to see.

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