The ABC of Kitchen Design

The ABC of Planning our great new kitchen

A is for Appliances

When it comes to best allocating your cash, you need to be careful when choosing appliances. An integrated microwave, for example, might look good but does it justify the cost?

kitchen design, kitchen planningI always suggest spending that little extra on dishwashers! They will be used more frequently and need to be solid, strong, durable and as quiet as possible. Sometimes going for the known brands will not necessarily get you the best appliance.

If a working horse is what you are after, then German makes are the brands for you because Italian appliances are often about sleek design.

American style fridge freezers are also an expense to consider. For the larger family, it is worth buying a fridge freezer that accommodates everyone’s diet requirements. There are some integrated options that, when you look closely, are just as big but cheaper than the American counterpart.

B is for Budget

kitchen planning, kitchen design, quookerIt is tempting to trying to keep the budget down by getting a mate to do it over many weekends or even doing it yourself with ‘that friend who can turn his/her hand to anything’.

I have seen budget kitchens look amazing because they were fitted property. Unfortunately I have also seen gorgeous kitchens that lost their sparkle because they were so poorly fitted.

When planning your new kitchen it is important to decide where to spend your hard earned cash. There are plenty of choices for affordable flooring, wall coverings and even kitchen accessories. Choosing to save in the fitting is not a good option. Get your chosen kitchen company to fit the kitchen for you. It is worth the money!

 C is for Cabinets

Let me be straight here. Your cabinets may have come from Germany or may have been produced in the UK but either way chances are they are chip board. Yes, even your expensive bespoke wooden kitchen is put together in combination with chipboard carcasses.

 kitchen design, interior design, kitchen planning, contemporaryThe more robust cabinets will arrive assembled and are easier for the fitters to deal with whilst the flat-pack variety can be a bit less robust and fitting can be more fiddly.

 “What if I choose cheap cupboards but use expensive wooden doors?” I hear you cry… well, the danger is the weight of wooden doors. Some of the more budget cabinets might not cope with the weight of certain wooden doors.

Make sure the fitting accessories (hinges, etc) and the fitters themselves are up to scratch when dealing with your cabinets because, in some instances, the carcasses can be easily damaged en route.

Consequently, I strongly recommend good quality MDF doors! Richmond Kitchens offer a great choice with fabulous prices and I can tell their fitting is great too. Their new acqua colour is gorgeous!

What kitchen doors have you got? Did you fit it yourself? Let me know!

Thanks for reading,

Paula, x




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