Decorating Dilemma – Decorate on a Budget

Dilemma: I rent a house and need to decorate on a budget, but I still want to make sure it reflect my personality. How do I do that?

Solution: rental properties are often left pretty ‘magnolia’ as it needs to appeal to potential buyers. If you have recently rented yours and your landlord wants to keep it plain I suggest you add your personal touch and splashes of colour with soft furnishings. Cushions, throws, curtains and blinds can transform the room and make it your own heaven.

Decorate on a budget

Ready-made soft furnishings are available in many shapes, sizes, colours and are often inexpensive you are bound to find something that echos both your personality and your purse! High Street Stores such as Dunelm Mill and Ikea should stock all you need.

If you find something that is better quality but outside your price range remember that these items will all be taken away with you when and if you move into a place of your own.

Vases, picture frames and rugs are also great ways to add personality to an otherwise clinical look.

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