How to Choose Curtain Headings – Part 1

It often seems complicated how to choose your curtain heading but when it comes to deciding what to go for, remember to have a good look around you room. Think about style.  Is your room modern, contemporary, minimalist, traditional, funky? 

The heading style you choose should match the style of the room. Let me give you a few examples:

pencil pleat curtains
Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil Pleat: this is probably the most common of curtain headings and is often found in ready-mades.  Easy to use (all you have to do it saw it to the top of the curtains, pull the strings to the required fullness and you are done). 

Notice I said ‘most common’ curtain headings, I never said it was the most stylish! It can look a bit too full or indeed too flat. Sill Length Curtains in Pencil Pleat can fan out if used with tiebacks.



Pinch Pleat Curtains

Triple Pinch Pleat (aka French Pleat): this can be done with a tape though I wouldn’t advise!  The effect of the pleats work best if the curtains are made using good quality buckram between the layers at the very top of the curtains where you can gather three little folds (of equal sizes) and pinch it together to form the triple pleats.

This is often considered a classic style and if you like the pleats but not the traditional fullness of triple pleats it’s worth considering double pleats instead.


Goblets: if traditional is for you, then curtain headings don’t come much more traditional than this!  Goblets, aka Tulip Heading, are made in pretty much the same way as Pinch Pleat curtains but the tops open up to form a little goblet shape that is then filled with wadding or a separate curl with buckram.  This type of heading can look very nice in a more grown up room, grand houses, etc. 

Contrasting coloured buttons or trimmings add that extra finishing touch and design look to the curtains.  This is a great choice for even the most regal of settings!

How about you? Which style of traditional curtains do you like the most? Are you clearer on how to choose curtain headings now? Have you ever made any?

Let us know!  And remember that you can email me on if you have any questions.


Thanks for stopping by.


Paula, x.


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