How to Dress Bay Windows – Part 1

At first glance Bay Windows are a tricky space to dress. The angles can be challenging to work with, not all poles can be bent, the radiator might be in the way of curtains, etc. The list of obstacles is rather long. However, there are a number of very practical, functional and stylish solutions to choose from.

Roman or indeed Roller Blinds present a contemporary and simple solution for bay windows while curtains can add extra privacy and warmth in the cooler months. Combining Curtains and Blinds not only adds the decorative finishing touch but it also frames the window and adds a rather smart finish.

How to dress bay windows
Byron and Byron Deluxe

If impact and drama is what you are after try bringing together a larger pattern with a more tamed tone-in-tone colour.  The curtains can either be left ‘standing’ or can be arranged hang arranged on holdbacks for a more dressed look.

Still confused on how to dress bay windows? Our Part 2 is coming up next, read on!

Coming up in Part 2: Roman Blinds and a Made-to-Measure sitting area for Bay Windows if you can’t wait to find out more check out

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