Kitchen design and how to choose it

Choosing the best kitchen design is easier than you think:

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By Richmond Kitchens

Selecting the best kitchen design for a new kitchen is something we all do at some point in our lives, but many people wonder what the right kitchen design and layout are.

That is why I’m sharing these kitchen design and kitchen planning tips with you covering the 4 most popular kitchen layouts around.

The L-Shaped Layout:

It has units on one side and a peninsula on the other. It offers a flexible worktop and storage that could easily be accessed from both sides. This is a great choice for open plan spaces that need zone definition.

This is not, however, the best layout for larger kitchens as the appliances can end up too spread out. The cooking area can feel a bit cramped as well because this is a design that suit one cook at a time.

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By Richmond Kitchens

The Galley Layout:

Makes maximum use of a long, narrow room by using a combination of wall and base units. This can be a tricky layout as some of the units might have to be shallower on one side to create extra space.

The downside of this layout is that there is only one space for one cook. In addition to that it can feel constrained and like a corridor.

The U-Shaped Layout:

This is a very popular layout. It can work extremely well with or without an island, after all who needs an island when you have a peninsula large enough to incorporate storage as well as a seating area?

For smaller spaces, however, this choice calls for careful unit planning. If the space is tight the cupboards could be awkward to access.

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By Richmond Kitchens

A Kitchen Island Layout:

This design is becoming increasingly popular with families, not to mention that it is a great option for spacious areas.

The open plan living provides storage as well as space and plenty of opportunities to keep the kitchen a social area.

The downside of this fabulous choice is that it isn’t suitable for small kitchens, not to mention that, with the island fixed into position, the cooking mess is permanently exposed!

What kitchen do you prefer? What kitchen have you got? Let us know!


Paula, x


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