Loft Conversion Part 1 – Why do we convert our lofts anyway?

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Why do we convert our lofts anyway?

There’s great hype about Loft Conversions these days and I’m really happy about that! As more and more of us crave bigger spaces, but can’t quite afford to move up, it makes complete sense to stay put and enlarge our houses. But what exactly do we gain from a loft conversion apart form the lovely furnishings?

1. We increase the value of our home: it is believed that a standard loft conversion starts from £25K (finishing and extras not included of course!). Whilst this is a sizable expense, it is also a sure way to ‘save’ money in the long term – it would very possibly be spent as stamp-duty if you decided to move house instead. Besides, the amount invested in the loft conversion is likely to turn into a nice profit eventually when you decide to sell up and move on.

2. We simply to gain more space: take a family with young children for example, the children will be growing fast and the need for personal space will become almost a necessity as the teen years approach. That goes for the parents too, doesn’t it? Having the loft converted into a master bedroom with ensuite is dream come true for most couples.

3. We can have a home office: another reason to convert the unused loft space is to turn it into a home office. Flexible working hours, remote working and advances in technology come hand in hand with the need for secluded space, away from the buzz of family life.  Loft conversions seem a very viable option indeed.

4. We can have an extra Guest Bedroom: another good reason is that the world has somewhat become ‘smaller’.  Our family and friends travel more and with relations scattered around the globe, the loft space (yes, that dark, dusty old place we used to store our junk) can be turned into a fabulous haven of calm and tranquility for our guests to enjoy.

I have even heard of people turning their lofts into study rooms, gyms, home cinema and even a playroom, all of which sound great!

As for us, we are very lucky to live in an idyllic spot and moving isn’t an option so converting the loft into a master bedroom with ensuite wetroom, at least for us, was the perfect solution. Unfortunately, getting it done isn’t always as simple as it could be. That’s why I started this series.  I want to share with you what is like to have your loft converted… the good, the bad and the ugly will be revealed right here!

We’ll begin our ‘Journey to the Loft’ next week.  Fasten your seat belt, keep reading and take notes.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride!


Paula, x





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