"I was initially nervous about working with a designer because a) I had a budget and b) I had my own ideas and opinions about what I wanted but Paula was great, she listened to me and never pressured me. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an interior designer who brings in creativity but also designs something that fits YOU.

I had the utmost trust for her and never had a problem leaving her in my home to work while I was away. We are now finished with this home but if we move into another one I will ABSOLUTELY use her again!"


"We worked with Paula and her team on our kitchen extension. So far we are very happy with the project. The consultation process was straightforward and Paula has interpreted our architect's vision incorporating our aesthetics and lifestyle into the process. We love the way it is coming together. There were adjustments necessary in order to stay within budget. These were discussed and the overall look has not been compromised.

The trades people are knowledgeable and respectful. They show remarkable attention to detail and have been available to discuss any concerns. We are in the final stages of the project and I can't wait to have full use of our kitchen, utility and shower room!"


"Paula created a wonderful interior for mutual clients in East Sheen. From the start she "got`" what style and look the clients favoured and showed them a fine selection to choose from of furnishings, built in units, colours, fabrics and lighting etc to enhance the extension thats we were building along with complete refurb of the ground floor and upstairs bathroom.

She handled the project management and delivery of all direct orders, which ran smoothly alongside the main contractor, delivering timeously. She is passionate about design, and is always a pleasure to work with. Thanks Paula!!"

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