How to choose the perfect kitchen worktop

How to choose the perfect kitchen worktop

Choosing the perfect kitchen worktop is a key part of buying a new kitchen and it will depend on your requirements.

Some buyers will choose their worktop based on durability, but for others the most important thing will be the price or indeed the design.

Here is a rundown of the most popular kitchen work surfaces around at the moment:

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By Richmond Kitchens

Laminate: Nowadays laminate worktops come in a variety of colours, sizes, materials and thickness. The price of laminate varies too.

I strongly advise you to keep well away from cheap offers and stick with the high-pressure laminate instead.

A good quality laminate is hygienic, easy to clean, durable and affordable (prices starting as cheap as £60 per square metre).

Choose the right finish. It will ensure your kitchen will look the part without breaking the bank.

Pick the wrong laminate however, and you will be left with a work surface that is prone to scorching, chipping and won’t last long.

Wooden: Natural materials will always add that warm, cosy feeling to your kitchen. Couple it with the right style and you certainly have a winning combination.

Some kitchen advisers say that wooden surfaces have natural, anti-bacterial properties. I can’t confirm that, what I know is that they look amazing but are hard work to keep.

These worktops require regular care, oiling about twice a year and the occasional reseal. It is also worth mentioning that it scratches and scorches easily. Scratches can be removed by sanding it down tho.

corian, worktop, composite, worksurfaceComposite Stone: This is a man-made option that looks like stone, feels like stone but it doesn’t cost the same as stone.

And a result, this option is great for those who need a worktop that look amazing and can be made to almost any shape.

Composite surfaces are bonded with heat and as such have a seamless finishing with no joins visible.

In addition to that, its choice of colours and finishes, it is endless! And it is heat & stain resistant too, plus any scratches can be sanded down.

The only downside of it is that it needs to be fitted by an experienced fitter or the joins will be visible and the worktop spoilt.

Natural Stone: This product is usually associated with the ultimate luxury in high end kitchens. Natural stone is and always will be a great choice of worktop. Whether you go for granite, quartz or marble their glossy properties are a great feature.

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It is durable, water resistant and can withstand high heat very well. Moreover, it’s unique features mean not 2 pieces of worktop are ever the same.

Most noteworthy, natural stone worktops such as granite, marble and quartz can be installed in a modern, traditional or eclectic kitchen. They never goes out of fashion.

With so many great worktops to choose from, it can be hard to make a decision but hopefully this article will help you pick the perfect workshop for you new kitchen.

For more information on how how to design your perfect kitchen please get in touch and call us on 97788 275 451. We’ll be delighted to help.

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