The Practicality of Lined and Interlined Curtains

It is a well known fact that Lined and Interlined Curtains and, indeed, most Soft Furnishings can appear more substantial, more luxurious and altogether more stylish.

Lining will protect the main fabric and improve the drape of curtains. The first defense against sunlight, fading and dirt is a good quality, smooth, sateen-woven lining. On sunny windows, for example, is worth getting sun-resistant lining. Although this won’t stop the fading process it will considerably delay the sun damage.

made to measure curtains
Lined and Interlined Full Length Curtains

If you are a perfectionist like me and don’t like to see creased fabric, look into crease-resistant linings. It’s gorgeous and it will save you lots of time if you are making the curtains yourself!

Interlining your curtains & blinds will make them hang beautifully and give it that extra special look. Interlining is a blanket-type fabric which is sandwiched between the lining and the main fabric.

Curtains can be lined with medium or heavyweight interlinings depending on how thick you want the curtains to look. Traditional interlinings are cotton but synthetic ones are also available (they don’t shed fluff). Whichever one you choose, always buy a pre-shrunk one.

When your Curtains & Blinds are in need of a little cleaning, remember that lined and interlined window treatments are best steam cleaned in situ as they hang. There are a number of reputable companies providing this service, it may cost a little more but you can be sure mistakes won’t occur in the cleaning process.

As the cold months approach, it is important to draw your curtains at night time

. This will prevent heat loss and if you have lined and interlined soft furnishings it might save you a few pennies on the heating bill too!

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